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Parts and Machinery for the Abrasive Blast Industry


Blast Cleaning Technologies (BCT) announces the acquisition of Coyote Enterprises, Inc.

West Allis, WI (November 19, 2021) – BCT announced today the acquisition of Coyote Enterprises, Inc. Blast Cleaning Technologies designs and manufactures equipment, components, and system upgrades that offer improved fit, function, and life.

Under the new ownership of Blast Cleaning Technologies, Coyote customers will now have access to North America’s largest engineering and field service
team as well as BCT’s quality and inventory support. The operation will be consolidated and centralized into the Blast Cleaning Technologies 140,000 Sq.Ft. manufacturing facility located in West Allis, WI.

Coyote Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1998 by Jim and Cindy Goff to provide cost effective blast equipment and competitively priced replacement parts engineered for increased performance and longevity. Coyote was built on this vision to design a variety of cost effective yet innovative shot blast machines.That vision became Coyote.

“This is an important acquisition for us,” Carl Panzenhagen, President and CEO of Blast Cleaning Technologies said. “The addition of this product line
compliments and expands our current product line, allowing us to support both current and new customers positioning us for continued growth in the Shot Blasting Industry.”


Blast Cleaning Technologies has become the fastest growing shot blast manufacturer over the last several years by investing in engineering, manufacturing, research, and development. Team BCT has years of combined experience providing new and innovative solutions to the shot blasting industry. Our mission is to design world-class equipment, components, and system upgrades that provide solutions to long-standing problems with blast equipment.

BCT was founded on repairing, rebuilding, and upgrading equipment offering thousands of competitively priced, quality blast parts. Partnering with
industry-leading technology suppliers, BCT provides unmatched equipment, service and support for the foundry, forging, metal fabrication, automotive,
aerospace, agriculture, defense, rail, energy and power generation industries and other special applications.

In 2018 BCT expanded its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to meet customer demands by relocating to the former Allis-Chalmers facility in
West Allis, WI. With over a dozen overhead cranes and capabilities up to 150 tons and over 60’ of hook clearance, our facility is designed to meet even
the largest machine needs. It’s all part of our investment and commitment to support our customers. Our manufacturing and modern state-of-art equipment provides BCT with another competitive edge as we design, build, and assemble our equipment in-house, all proudly made in the USA.

For more information, please visit https://www.bct-us.com.

About Us

Coyote Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Jim and Cindy Goff. Jim is a pioneer in the blast industry beginning in 1965 at Wheelabrator. In 1969 he was hired by R.T. Nelson to design and build the first portable shot blasting machine. Jim accomplished this task and was awarded a patent for this machine named “Bertha” in September 1972. His vision for new and innovative Abrasive Shot Blast Cleaning and Peening Equipment was just beginning. In 1973 Jim founded the Goff Corporation located in Seminole, Oklahoma which he privately owned and operated successfully for 18 years until he chose to sell it in 1991.