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Parts and Machinery for the Abrasive Blast Industry

Model 2460 Spinner Hanger

2460 spinner hanger blast machine


  • 800 LB. Hook Capacity
  • Two - 10 HP. Direct Drive Blast Wheels
  • Small Footprint
  • 3 Phase Operation
  • Pitless Design
  • Low Noise Level
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Automatic Timer Controls
  • Machine Warranty
  • Low Profile Design
  • Continuous Production
  • Abrasive Resistant Lined Blast Chamber

Please call Coyote for information on 3072, 3096, 3684, and 4884 Spinner Hangers.

Coyote Centrifugal Blast Wheel

Wheel: Two (2) 3600 RPM, 14" or 15" direct drive, bi-directional blast wheels, for maximum abrasive velocity and smooth operation.
Blades: Exclusive Rim-Loc design ensures easy replacement of long life, abrasive resistant, alloy blades.
Control Cage: Dial type cage.
Wheel Housing: Fabricated from 1/4" steel plate and protected by replaceable cast alloy steel liners.

Cabinet Construction

Cabinet: Pitless type, structurally reinforced, all welded from 1/4" steel plate and abrasive resistant steel. Rear acess door for inspection and maintenance of blast wheels.
Dual Blast Chamber: Structurally reinforced, fully welded 1/4" and 3/8" steel plate and abrasive resistant steel. Chamber revolves on a 2" diameter shaft supported by a heavy duty thrust bearing. Chamber revolves at 3 RPM nominal, hook spindles in each chamber.
Chamber Drive: Motor and gear reducer activate a low speed-high torque drive assembly. Indexing available through adjustabe stops on chamber top.
Lining: Blast chamber is lined with cast alloy liners and abrasive resistant steel.
Seals: Dual heavy duty rubber seals on chamber sides, abrasive accumulation on chamber top and bottom positively seals blast chamber during operation. Seal design reduces any abrasive leakage.
Hook Spindle: 800 pounds maximum hook spindle capacity, continual hook spindle rotation during blast cycle, maximum blast area is 24" x 48".
Cabinet Ventilation: Air inlet and outlet positioned to provide maximum dust evacuation of blasting zone.

Power and Air Requirements

Nema: Type 12 electrical enclosure, optional 230 or 460 volt, 3 phase, thermal overload protection for all motors. Ammeter, oil tight push button controls and automatic reset abrasive cycle timer, hour meter.
Air Requirement: 90 - 110 PSI required to operate abrasive valve dust collector automatic blow down.
Electric Motors: All motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled to provide maximum life.
Blast Motors: Two (2) 10 HP, 3600 RPM
Chamber Drive: 3/4 HP, 1800 RPM
Elevator Drive: 3/2 (1-1/2) HP, 1800 RPM
Hook Spindle Drive: 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM
Optional Dust Collector: 5 HP, 3600 RPM

Abrasive Recycling System

Elevator: Centrifugal discharge belt and bucket elevator is rigid and dust tight with removable service and inspection door. Exterior mounted shaft bearings for extended life and positive belt alignment through screw adjusted take-ups.
Screw Conveyor: Direct drive heavy duty 6" screw.
Floor Level Abrasive Screening: Cabinet screen protects screw conveyor and elevator from large abjects. Perforated screen between elevator and floor level separator removes small foreign objects from abrasive.
Abrasive Control: Totally enclosed, fully adjustable butterfly valve, quietly and precisely controls abrasive flow.
Abrasive Required: 1,500 pounds for initial start-up.
Separator: Single 14" lip high efficiency separator. Adjustable abrasive spreader and refuse gate provide thorough air washing of abrasive for maximum contaminate removal.
Optional Dust Collector: 2000 CFM, self-contained, self-cleaning, 4-cartridge dust collector will accommodate 55 gallon refuse drum.

Safety and Structure

Safety: Blast wheels operate only when door is closed. Chamber seals prevent stray abrasive. Abrasive valves operate only during blast cycle. Emergency stop on control panel and safety reverse on cabinet side.
Noise Level: Approximately 85 DB
Shipping Weight:

8,000 pounds

Machine Dimensions: 7' 1" wide x 6' 6" deep x 9' 10" tall

Additional customization is available to fit specific requirements.