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Parts and Machinery for the Abrasive Blast Industry

Inventory Currently Available

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We currently have a Goff 3 Cube Barrel Blast Airless Machine ready for immediate shipment.

Airless 1.25 cubic foot blast machine Airless 1.25 cubic foot blast machine


Goff 3 Cube Barrel Blast Machine

   black check mark 7.5 HP Direct Drive Blast Wheel  black check mark 5' 2-1/2" Front Facing Width  black check mark Low Profile
   black check mark Automatic Timer Controls  black check mark 9' 2-1/4" Machine Height  black check mark 1,597 Hours of Use
   black check mark Abrasive Tight Cabinet  black check mark 4' 9-1/8" Side Facing Width  black check mark Safety Interlocks
   black check mark Rubber Mill Belt  black check mark 2,500 LBS. Shipping Weight  black check mark Quick Cleaning Cycle
    (Your choice on size of hole)        


Buckets for C-Section Elevator V-Belting

212 bucket for C-section elevator V-belting3384 bucket for C-section elevator V-belting

212 Bucket                                                      3384 Bucket